ArKay–World’s First Alcohol-Free Whisky-Flavored Drink.

ArKay Beverages, Inc. – USA, launches the first alcohol-free whisky to the world.  ArKay will be available in stores worldwide on December 1stArKay, a unique innovation to the beverage industry, has been long anticipated by consumers and vendors alike. 

ArKay, the world’s first alcohol-free, whisky-flavored drink is designed for everyone to enjoy. The exceptional taste of whisky without the alcohol content makes it a perfect beverage day or night. ArKay has 0% alcohol and it isdesigned to allow individuals with medical conditions or with religious beliefs that prohibit alcohol consumption, to drink. Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite whisky drink at parties without worrying about drinking and driving. You won’t miss a thing, as ArKay tastes and looks exactly like traditional whisky. It is suitable for drinking straight-up, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixers.

November 1, 2011.