Tapping into mocktail mania

ArKay Beverages, the fast-growing alcohol free VODKA brand and first largest imported Non Alcoholic VODKAbrand in the United States, has introduced its latest flavor innovations just in time for the fall and winter sipping season – RED HOT CHILI PEPPER. The newest flavor innovations join ArKay Beverages N/A VODKA ’s portfolio of more than 50 flavors such as Lime, Vanilla, Cappuccino,  Country Fair Cotton , Strawberries, Raspberry , Cinnamon, Pineapple, Coconut, Anise, Pomegranate, Irish Cream, Condensed milk , Lemon Juice,  Mocha,, Cranberry, Corn, Grape, Sweet Lime, Melon Cantaloupe, Green Tea, Jamaica, Watermelon, Chewing Gum, , Nuts, Pistachio ,Rose, Caramel,, Sweet Lemon, Peach, Coffee,  liquor, Cola , Hazelnuts , Melon Cantaloupe, Hazelnuts, Condensed Milk and Watermelon led by the brand’s flagship natural flavored Non Alcoholic VODKA.

5 octubre 2016