ArKay Beverages Was Around Before Seedlip (And May Be Making More Money)

A conversation with ArKay’s founder for the company’s 10th year in business

Editor’s note: The Zero Proof has always been curious about ArKay Beverages. The maker of non-alcoholic spirits was on the scene before Seedlip and it has around 30 different products – including a bourbon whisky, whisky, Scottish whisky, Tennessee whisky, Irish whisky and the list goes on…

Despite picking fights with nearly every major brand, ArKay is almost never mentioned in the American media, and not garnering as much attention as the new brands on the block like Ghia, Lyres and Drink Monday. We wanted to get to know the man behind ArKay and learn what the huge growth in alcohol alternatives is doing for the business. So we had The Zero Proof contributor Justin Joffe contact ArKay Founder Reynald Vito Grattagliano for the below article.

October 03, 2022.

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