ArKay Beverages and Walmart.

Walmart is making a big step into the world of non-alcoholic alcohol. This is an exceptional turn in the trend of spirits and liquors. Walmart once again is the leader of a new trend in health, non-alcoholic spirits, and joining with ArKay Zero Proof. Arkay Beverages applaud Walmart for what they are doing in opening their doors to the ArKay product and creating this trend for Americans for a new healthy way to enjoy life.

Melbourne, FL, December 20, 2022 –(– Did you know that almost 50% of Drinkers want to reduce the consumption of alcohol and 52% of drinkers want to replace alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages?

What’s the reason for drinking less alcohol? People, especially Youth, want to improve their physical and mental health.

December 20, 2022.