First Alcohol-Free Disruptive Beverage Brand Launches In Austin

Reynald Grattagliano, founder of Arkay Beverages, stopped by Studio 512 to talk about his alcohol-free products, and why so many people are turning to zero-proof liquor.

Reynald says that he is “shaking up the liquor market and revolutionizing the way we drink, by inventing the first alcohol-free formula that smells and tastes like liquor, but without the hangover.”

After seeing his son come home drunk one night, Reynald spent the next three years researching the concoction, and spent five million dollars to make it happen. After discovering the molecule that carries the alcohol profile without the actual spirit, his team of scientists in a Swiss lab created an entirely new molecule, a break-through by which Arkay Beverages were born, with zero percent alcohol.

September 22, 2023.


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